ARB Kinetic System Skid Plate Toyota 4Runner

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ARB Kinetic System Skid Plate Toyota 4Runner 
  • 2010+ Toyota 4Runner with Kinetic system


The first skid plate panel system specifically designed for SUVs, these panels feature the same construction as the current range of panels, i.e. pressed and folded 3mm steel. Due to the 4Runner and FJ Cruiser sharing the same chassis platform, the same skid plate design has been used for the two vehicles. However, a second kit has been built to suit the 4Runner with Kinetic suspension system as a slightly different lower 'bulge' is required in the front panel due to the positioning of the kinetic sway bar.

The transmission panel is common to both kits and also to petrol and diesel engine variants. It has a two position mounting bracket providing a lower mount for petrol engine vehicles where the exhaust sits lower than diesel models. The transmission panel is also tapered to the rear to clear chassis bracing that is unique to the FJ chassis design.