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Cooling Panel Instalment Instructions

Cooling Panel Instalment Instructions 

Follow these easy instructions to install the Bullet Proof Fabricating Cooling Panel.
1. Take off the 5 push clips with a flathead screwdriver.
2. Slide the cooling panel under the stock shroud.
3. Line up the cooling panel in the stock location.
(so that all of the push clips will clear the cooling panel.)

4. Get a drill prepared with a 9/32 drill bit.
5. Using the holes in the cooling plate as your guide, drill 2 holes into the grill arms underneath.

6. Remove the cooling panel.

7. Using the rubber washers included, stack two washers on top of each newly drilled hole.
8. Carefully put the cooling panel back on making sure not or move the rubber washers.
(use a screwdriver to line up the washers if they have moved.)

9. Now reinstall all push clips including the ones include with the cooling panel.
10. Installation is complete. Enjoy your new cooling panel!

Now you have a spot to rest your tools next time you work on your truck.
The magnetic tray is perfect for holding nuts/bolts.
You don't have to worry about dropping or loosing your parts.
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