Top Products and Latest Editions to the shop

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Top Products and Latest Editions to the shop

Here at BPF we have a large selection of only the highest quality off-roading parts. From suspension systems to tow hooks, we offer only our favorite products.   

In this post we will feature a few of our top products and latest editions.

One of our top products has always been BPF's very own completed raptor style grill for 2012-2015 Toyota Tacomas.

The sleek design really cleans up the front end of the Toyota Tacoma, making it very pleasing to the eyes. Not only does it enhance your trucks appearance throughout the city streets, but it also has been tested vigorously to withstand off-road terrain. Have fun 4X4ing in style! With raving reviews, you cannot go wrong with this grill.

 Another top seller is also another BPF exclusive. The BPF Skid Plate.
Protect you truck with this skid plate. Unlike the Toyota factory skid plate made of aluminium, our BPF skid plate is made from durable 10 gauge steel. This provides better protection for your ride. Definitely worth skipping the factory skid for! Not only is it stronger, but the BPF design is more aesthetically pleasing.

Here at BPF we are happy to announce some of our latest products.

Nitro Gears are the latest to hit the store.
Got big tires? Then these gears are for you. Enhance performance and reduce fuel consumption with Nitro Gears. 

The next new product here at BPF is MAXTRAX MKII.

This product is a MUST HAVE for 4X4er's. Be prepared when discovering uncharted areas. Use MAXTRAX MKII to get through mud, snow, sand or any other situation you might be in. This recovery device is a safe, simple, and easy! We have our BPF truck prepared with them and we have already used them a number of times. If you find yourself off-roading frequently, these are a great investment. 

These are only a small handful of awesome things in the shop. We hope you enjoy our selection of products! Happy shopping!