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Total Chaos Cam Tabs

If you spend time on the trails going off roading, cam tabs are a must have. This is  something you want to look in to sooner then later. The factory cam tabs hold the alignment bolts in their position. The problem is that the factory ones are a very thin metal that are very easily bent. Once bent they are not able to do their job. You can bend them back but the problem will just continue to happen. You will need to beef them up!!! 


Total Chaos offers aftermarket cam tabs that are very stout. This will completely solve the problem. It will also give you peace of mind that you wont be bending your tabs on the trails. Shops will say its a 4-5 hour job, but if you are doing this at home you definitely want to give yourself the full day. 


Here are a couple tips for installing the Total Chaos cam tabs that we suggest after installing them on our 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner. 


Installation Tips:

1.) Take some pictures of the cam tab bolts location. That way you will know where to put them prior to getting an alignment.

2.) Be sure you are welding the tabs on the right side. Each side has a front and a back. You will need to weld one smooth side without the part number and one side with the part number. 


3.) You will also need to grind down some of the tabs after welding, as they are sticking out. 

4.) We found that we needed to file down the edges of the tabs as the cam bolts were a little tight. Be sure to check them after welding.


We hope you found this helpful and if your looking to purchase these we have them listed on our website and would be happy to answer any questions you have. 

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