BPF 03-09 Toyota 4runner Grill

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03-09 Toyota 4runner Grill

Description: For those aiming to elevate their 4th gen 4Runner's presence, our 03-09 Toyota 4runner Grill Mesh and Lettering Grill emerges as the premier choice. Recognized as the most visually appealing 4th gen 4Runner grill available, it caters specifically to DIY enthusiasts. Crafted from Aluminum, this 03-09 Toyota 4runner Grill promises durability without the concern of rust, offering a superior lightweight option for vehicle enhancement.

  • 1 03-09 Toyota 4Runner grill center mesh
  •  Letters available "T,O,Y,A,R,D"


  • Mesh and lettering you will need to install this on your factory grill
  • Powder coated matte black, a durable long lasting finish
  • Made from aluminum
  • Stamped to shape for identical pieces and perfect fitment.

Please note you will need an 06-09 grill to install this on. Previous models (2003-2005) will need to trim there bumper and headlight mounts in order to install the newer style grill. 

CLICK HERE FOR INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. Install is similar to our to our  2007-2009 Tundra grill. Please familiarize yourself with that install so you know what is involved. 

Not all auto body shops know how to properly install the mesh. Recommended and intended for individuals who are mechanically inclined or familiar with the installation process.


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