BPF 2005-2023 HD Tacoma Recovery Tow Hook

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2005-2023 HD Tacoma Recovery Tow Hook


Tacoma's are incredibly capable rigs, yet they lack front recovery points. Our 2005-2023 HD Tacoma Recovery Tow Hook, designed for the driver's side (find the passenger side here), sets a new durability and safety standard. Constructed from high-strength 1/2" steel, it guarantees unparalleled reliability in demanding conditions. Unlike other market options focusing on looks—compromising safety when actually used—our tow hook is built for Use. Its 1/2" steel construction provides a solid towing and recovery solution, enduring the harshest situations without damage. Ensure you're equipped with recovery points before you need them; don't risk getting stranded unprepared.

2005-2023 HD Tacoma Recovery Tow Hook fits (all models)
Drivers Side Recovery Tow Hook - Heavy Duty Version

  • C.N.C laser cut 
  • 1/2inch thick A36 steel 
  • powder coated wrinkle black for a durable long lasting finish.

More Info:
  • This is for a 2005-2023 HD Tacoma Recovery Tow Hook Driver side recovery point
  • It allows you to use a 3/4 shackle with a 7/8s pin. (shackle not included***) 
  • 8250 lb rating**
  • Hardware included. 

For this to be a recovery mount a single hole will need to be drilled. However if you just want the shackle for looks to match your passenger side shackle, drilling not required. 


2005-2023 HD Tacoma Recovery Tow Hook are In stock ready to ship! 



for our 2005-2023 HD Tacoma Recovery Tow Hook It's crucial to emphasize the importance of safe recovery and winch practices in off-roading to minimize the risk of injury or damage. When using recovery equipment like the BPF Heavy-Duty Tacoma Recovery Tow Hook, always follow best practices and manufacturer guidelines. Proper use, combined with a solid understanding of recovery techniques, is essential for ensuring safety. Remember, while BPF Fabricating provides top-quality gear designed to enhance your vehicle's recovery capabilities, the responsibility for safe operation lies with the user. BPF is not liable for any injuries or death resulting from the use or misuse of our products. Always prioritize safety, plan your recovery carefully, and never exceed the limitations of your equipment or your skills.