BPF Molle Style Pet Barrier 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner 2010-2024

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5th gen 4runner Pet Cargo Barrier (2010-2024)

 looking for a solution to keep your pet in the back? Tired of your belongings from coming forward? Then this product is for you. It is designed for a simple and easy in and out for when you need to fold your seats down. There are four turn knobs for holding the barrier in place. Once installed no tools will be needed to removal/reinstall. To remove simply undo the turn knobs and remove. The pet barrier works with or with out our storage panels and comes with brackets for both options. You can also use it as a molle panel for storing light items.


  • Panels are made from 11 GA Aluminium.
  • Headrest brackets are made from 3/16s Aluminium. 
  • Laser cut.
  • Black powder coated to protect against scratches.
  • It mounts directly in OEM bolt location, no drilling.
  • No custom fitting required (direct bolt on). 
Panel includes
  • All needed mounting hardware.
  • Driverside and passagerside barrier panels (Pet barrier only)
  •  4 Turn knobs 
  • Drivers side and passenger headrest brackets
  • 4 headrest grommets. 
  • Two sets/styles of mounting brackets.(Works with or without our storage panels)


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Click the video to see how to install BPF's Pet Barrier!

CLICK HERE to view the install guide 

DISCLAIMER: Please note BPF is not responsible for any injuries. This product has NOT been crash tested. By installing this product you are accepting any risk(s) that may occur. Please take caution when mounting items on panel. Make sure all items are securely fastened to the panel. Recommended not to exceed 15 lbs per side.