BPF 05-11 Toyota Tacoma Radiator Cover

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05-11 Toyota Tacoma Radiator Cover


Elevate your Tacoma's cooling efficiency and under-hood aesthetics with our innovative 05-11 Toyota Tacoma Radiator Cover. This panel is expertly designed to close the gap above the radiator, ensuring that cooling air is channeled directly through the radiator cores, rather than escaping over the top. By optimizing airflow, it effectively keeps coolant temperatures in check, even under harsh conditions. Constructed from durable, lightweight aluminum, this panel is not only easy to install but also enhances your truck's appearance with its sleek design. Additionally, it cleverly conceals wiring from light accessories, maintaining a neat and tidy engine bay. Beyond its functional benefits, the Cooling Panel serves as a handy place to rest tools during adjustments or repairs, marrying form with practical functionality for your Tacoma.

05-11 Toyota Tacoma Radiator Cover Includes:
  • Cooling Panel (various options available)
  • Plastic Push Clips


  • Cooling panel is Laser cut.
  • Made from 18 gauge Aluminum. 
  • Powder coated Black Sandtex.

05-11 Toyota Tacoma Radiator Cover No longer has Magnetic tray. 

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