BPF Universal Pelican Vault v800 Case Mounting brackets

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Introducing the ultimate solution for hassle-free mounting and removal of your prized Pelican Vault case! Say goodbye to the tedious task of drilling into your beloved case to secure it onto your roof rack. Our innovative Pelican Vault case mounts are designed to seamlessly attach to any 80/20 aluminum extrusion, revolutionizing the way you travel with your gear.

Crafted for unparalleled versatility, these mounts stand out as the pinnacle of convenience and adaptability. Whether you're embarking on an overland adventure or heading to the grocery store, rest assured that our mounts will effortlessly accommodate your needs.

Removing your case has never been easier – with just a swift motion of undoing both handle clamps, you can have your case off in a matter of seconds. Enjoy the freedom to swiftly access your equipment whenever necessary, without compromising on security or efficiency.

Experience the epitome of ease and functionality with our Universal Pelican Vault case mounts. Elevate your journey and streamline your setup with a product that combines practicality with sophistication.


  • CNC cut.
  • 2 inch tall flanges for that added hold.
  • Made from 10 gauge steel.
  • Raw or powder coated black you choose.

  • 2 Universal Pelican Vault V800 mounting brackets.
  • 6 drop in T nuts and all needed hardware.
  • 2 handle mounting clamps.

Install guide click here 

1-2 week lead time.