BPF New 12-15 Toyota Tacoma Cooling Panel

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2012-2015 Toyota Tacoma


  •  Laser cut.
  • Made from 18 gauge Aluminium. 
  • Powder coated Black Sandtex. 


Your Tacoma's radiator is cooled by air passing through the fins on the core, unfortunately there is a gap between the top of the radiator and the upper support. This gap will allow air that could be cooling to escape over the top of the radiator. This Cooling Panel eliminates this problem by directing the air through the radiator, rather than over. By increasing the air passing through the radiator, coolant temperatures are kept down. The Cooling Panel is made of lightweight aluminum and can be installed in minutes. Not only does this give your truck a very clean and aesthetically pleasing look, It also serves as a place to rest your tools. The upgraded magnetic tray Cooling Panel ensures you don't loose any nuts or bolts.

Please note: You need Hood support shocks. 

INSTALLATION:  Simply use a small flat head screw driver, remove Fan shroud push clips and put the panel underneath. Then return factory push clips.